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Dear Friends & Valued Customers,                             

 Aviculture, particularly avian pediatrics has been a passion for well over 15 years. Life in rural south Louisiana has always included pets and farm animals. Animals are a big part of family life here.

Life “with the birds? began sometime in the mid 1980’s, following the purchase of a single, hand-fed, lutino cockatiel. That initial purchase of one lutino cockatiel was the beginning of an interesting journey into the world of aviculture. At that time there was very little reliable information available on breeding birds or, hand-feeding their young. Books on hand-feeding or simple guides or articles were few and mostly non-existent. The field of avian pediatrics was unheard of. Hand rearing proved to be a trial and error undertaking filled with mistakes and heartbreak. Study and practice eventually brought experience and a hard-earned understanding of avian pediatrics and hand-feeding in general.

Years of caring for animals, particularly birds has been and still is an enlightening and rewarding experience. To own and breed animals is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. This responsibility applies not only to the animals we keep but involves the ones that are sold as well. Education is the key to responsible ownership. We as dedicated aviculturists, bird keepers, and breeders should share our experiences and knowledge. As well as provide novice and future bird owners with as much information and guidance as possible.

Because of our experience in avian pediatrics we offer a free consultation and support service. Let us gently guide you through basic hand-feeding technique, choose nursery equipment or help you with pediatric problems. We can customize a hand-feeding program to meet your particular needs.

 We breed or have bred and hand-fed many avian species. These species range from tiny finches, budgies, and cockatiels to the larger Amazons, Grays, Cockatoos, and Macaws. We have downsized our aviary but we occasionally make our precious babies and sometimes breeders available to our mail order customers. A bird price list is usually included with our catalog, on this web page or you may call or e-mail for current prices.

  We hope you like our new Web page & Catalog. This fact filled web page includes published articles concerning avian management hand-feeding and particularly avian pediatrics; links to Hand-FeedingHELP, an email list  where I and other hand-feeders discuss hand-feeding and avian pediatrics; a web catalog of our most called for products and a “Birds for Sale? page. Please enjoy our brand new web page and be sure to request our new information filled Cage’N Bird catalog.

Your questions and comments are welcomed. Please e-mail, wanda@cagenbird.com, snail mail, fax us (775) 542-2120 or call (337) 394-6683 (for your convenience this number also rings in our home please don’t call too late). Leave a message; we will get back to you. We, here at Cage’N Bird, are here to help with “ALL OF YOUR HAND-FEEDING NEEDS?.



Wanda Barras


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